Mooie kitbag van Gilbert in de clubkleuren en met Dukes logo.


Dukes spelerspas van Gilbert met Dukes logo.

Prachtige kitbag met meerdere compartimenten

Gilbert have developed a personal kit bag ideal for senior players carrying their kit to and from training. The Club Holdall V2, with a large, spacious main compartment perfect for everything a player needs and an end pocket essential for storing wet kit or muddy boots.

The Club Holdall V2 suits the life of a fast pace individual with its two top straps using hook and loop attachment for easy pick up and go as well as a large over shoulder strap for when times get tougher. We have included all the storage requirements you will need for training or match day.

The Club Holdall V2 offers plenty of space and is available variety of colours including black, red/black, navy/royal, navy or navy/sky.

Dimensions: H:35cm x W:62cm x D:30cm

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